1. Can I jump by myself? 


Unfortunately, we're unable to accommodate sport jumpers, but I have great news! Our friends at Skydiving Kiwis in Ashburton do! Get in contact with them and they should be able to help you out with this! --> Skydiving Kiwis 


  1. Can we jump two different heights at the same time? 

If you and a friend would like to jump at two different heights together you will need to book for the same time slot and day. The plane for that time slot will take a group up and once it reaches altitude for each jump height, your tandem master will move toward the door and prepare to jump! To sum this up you will be on the same plane load as others jumping at different altitudes. However, we cannot guarantee that you will be on the same plane load together as our operations team will conduct a weight and balance calculation. If the weights do not work, then you will be split into different plane loads. If this is the case, you will still get to see your friend take off and land.  

  1. What happens if the weather is bad? 

If it is unsafe to Skydive, we will reschedule you for a finer time/day.  If this delay does not work with your schedule, we will issue a full refund. We kindly ask that you head to our office in Franz Josef for your schedule check-in, from there we will handle everything. 

  1. What time is my check-in? 

Check-in time is the time you have booked for. For example, if you’re booked for the 7:30 am Skydive, you will need to report to the Skydive Franz Josef office at 7:30 am for check-in. From there we will handle the rest and transport you to the drop zone. Allow 3 hours for your experience. 

  1. What’s the difference between the photo and video packages?  

Instructor cam is your tandem master holding a Go Pro taking photos or photos and videos. 

$120 -Instructor cam – Photos only  

$150 – Instructor Cam – Videos & Photos 

Your own photographer that jumps with you to take pictures or pictures & videos! Our photographs use mirror-less camera systems. 

$169 – Your Own Photographer – Photos Only  

$199 – Your Own Photographer – Videos & Photos 

Best of both worlds! Pictures & videos from your tandem master’s Go Pro as well as pictures & videos from a photographer jumping with you.  

$259 – Best of Both Worlds Combo – Videos & Photos – Highly recommend this package as you can fully document your epic experience. 

You can add a media package on the day of your jump or at the time you are booking.  


  1. What happens if I change my mind?  

It’s natural to feel a little bit nervous before a Skydive. Skydive Franz Josef is an amazing place to skydive as you will be free falling over the stunning rural country side of New Zealand. Once your parachute deploys you will float to the ground before landing. As an industry average, 1 out of every 2,000 skydivers pull out of the skydive once in the pane is in the air. If you decide maybe it isn’t for you and wish to cancel your booking, the following cancellation policy applies. 

If the customer cancels the agreement the customer will be obligated to pay to INFLITE the cancellation charges set out below:  

More than 20 Working Days prior to first SDT Nil  

20 to 10 Working Days prior to first SDT 20% of the Price  

9 Working Days to 48 hours prior to first SDT 50% of the Price  

Less than 48 hours prior to first SDT 100% of the Price  

After the first SDT 100% of the Price 

INFLITE Experiences T's & C's 


  1. Where are you located? 

We are in the Franz Josef township on the main street next to the Petrol station. Head along to Skydive Franz Josef office, grab a coffee on your way from Full of Beans (next door), it will help with the nerves. Be sure to bring a Keep Cup! 


  1. What is involved in the process? Check-in to Skydive. 

Sarah, Sandy or Lily will check you in – and put you on the scales. Here you can decide on camera options/make any changes to your media package. Once the group is checked in, it's time to jump in the van and head to the drop zone. It’s a about a 5-minute drive – time to play some bangerz! – any song requests? 

At the drop zone you will get kitted up into a jumpsuit, go through the safety briefing and meet your Tandem Master + photographer. You will also see your parachutes being packed. At the drop zone there is a Foosball table to keep you occupied/calm nerves well the others in the group are getting kitted up.  

When everyone has be kitted up, you will be loaded into the plane – a Porter PC-6. Say hi to the pilots, Nathan or James. If you are going to 16,500ft or 20,000ft you will be given oxygen in the plane, at 9,000ft your instructor will sort out a mask and ensure it is fitting/working correctly, all you need to do is breathe! we give you this as it prevents hypoxia at these altitudes. The next time you will see them will be in the hangar. The flight up to the Skydive height is beautiful – you will see the Franz and Tasman Glacier’s.  On the way you will be harnessed to your Tandem Master. Once the plane reaches the correct altitude, your Tandem Master will manoeuvre you to exit the plane – Palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy! 

You will gracefully exit the plane, scream, catch your breath and then scream again. Once the parachute deploys, it's time to relax, float and enjoy the view – the adrenaline will still be coursing through you, but you will be overcome with enjoy that you’ve just done a skydive. You now have bragging rights!

  1. How safe are the parachutes?  

All parachutes are equipped with ADD (Automatic Activation Devices). These will automatically deploy at 5,000 ft. There is a reserve parachute in your pack that will deploy if there are any issues with original parachute.  

Once the parachute deploys and you’re floating down, the tandem master might even let you take a turn steering the parachute.  

Time to gear up from landing! Your tandem master will instruct you to lift your legs up, ready to land on your bum.