•  How long will the experience be? 

We suggest allowing 1.5‐3 hours for the experience however sometimes it can take longer. This can depend on our busy summer season, large groups and the weather. If you are on a schedule, please let us know and we can advise you. Experience is usually shorter for bookings made at the start of a session (Typically 8am or 1pm) 

  • Can I bring people with me? 

Absolutely! We love people‐the more the merrier. We have seating and tables available and you are welcome to bring snacks or lunch. We will even be able to let you know what colour your parachute is, so that you can be spotted in the sky by family and friends on the ground 

For special occasions, we have a BBQ available on request (to be organised prior with our team).  

For our courtesy shuttle, please check on availability as we have a limited number of seats: Nelson van is 13 passengers, local van (MarahauKaiteriteri, Motueka) is 11 passengers. 

  • Is there a weight limit? 

Yes, there is a weight limit of 100kg / 220lbs / 15.5 stone for every tandem passenger. Passengers between 100kg and 110kg may be able to jump, this decision is made individually and on the day of the jump, assessment is made by the TMs only. 

  • Is the weigh-in private? 

Not really, as this is done in the main customer area. But our team are professionals and would not say your weight out loud. Other customers would need to be really close to see the digits on the scales and people are usually respectful. This is purely a technical requirement, we weigh hundreds of people each month, don’t worry, no judging here, it’s all about how much weight goes on the plane. 

  • Is there an age limit? 

Parental or guardian consent is required for anyone under 18. Children under 12 should be evaluated on an individual basis as we only have adult harnesses, we will need to be sure they fit safely into the harness before taking them on a skydive. Assessment is done on site as there are many factors such as thighs thickness, torso height etc... which cannot be evaluated over the phone. 

We encourage people of all ages. We’ve had boys as young as 7, and girls as young as 10. 

  • What if I wear contacts, glasses or if I have false teeth? 

You will be fine keeping your contacts on. We have goggles to fit over glasses. We let you determine whether to remove false teeth or not. People do scream for joy a lot. Tandem Masters can advise you on the day. 

  • Can I take my GoPro with me? 

Unfortunately, at this stage it is not possible for tandem passengers to take a GoPro or any other recording devices on a tandem skydive. It is a company safety policy that is incorporated in our exposition that is required by the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority. 

  • What should I wear? 

Casual, comfortable clothing for the season and shoes that won’t fall off. Avoid bulky clothing as it can become uncomfortable under the harness. 

  • Can I eat beforehand? 

In general, it is better to have something in your stomach and eat beforehand. However, some people may be susceptible to stomach upset and/or motion sickness from all the excitement. 

  • What about the weather? 

We’ll make a weather call an hour before your booking time. We will notify you of any cancellations or delays via the phone number or email you provided. We may delay due to wind at altitude, wind on the ground, heavy cloud or rain. Don’t sweat it though – we’ll find a new suitable jump time for you or give you a full refund on your booking. 

  • What time do I need to be there? 

The time printed on your booking confirmation is your check in time at our base at Motueka Airport. Getting here 5-10 minutes before your booking time is always good - we've got a great cafe on-site. and free Wifi!. 

  • Where do we land? 

You will board the plane and land in front of our building at Motueka Airport. The landings are generally very soft and gentle.


  • What is the best time to skydive? 

We are open 364 days of the year weather permitting (Closed Christmas day)We usually recommend early morning skydives as the weather and the light are typically best. We would advise that you choose to book your skydive on the first day of your stay if you are travelling through, so that you may have a backup date if we get bad weather. Bear in mind that we can be more affected by the weather than other activities such as cycling, kayaking or canyoning (they’re fine to go on cloudy or windy days).  

  • Will I die? 

Yes, one day you will. But not up here. There is as much chance of that as being run over by 3 buses in a row. Our record for safety is the highest around – 5 star. 



Shuttle Service 


Our free courtesy van is available from Nelson through to Kaiteriteri and Marahau according to booking times. Please check with us for pick‐up times and locations. 

We have 2 vans: Nelson Van & Local Van 


  • Nelson Pickups 

Nelson van will go through the Nelson Route 1 starting in the city centre at 7am, 12pm or 3pm (Alternative route possible: Nelson Route 2 via Upper Moutere or Nelson Route 3 via Mapua). Any location on these routes are available. 


Nelson Route 





Nelson Route via Upper Moutere                                            Nelson Route via Mapua and Ruby Bay 


  • Local Pickups 

Local van will go through Marahau and Kaiteri starting in Marahau at 7.15am, 12.15pm and 3.15pm (other pickup location offered: Ngatimoti which is 20 min from Motueka). Any location on these routes are available. 




Marahau – Kaiteri Route 



Ngatimoti Route 



8am Bookings - Pickup Times 

Nelson Van  

Tasman Bay Backpackers - 7am 

Nelson iSite - 7am 

Nelson YHA - 7am 

InnBetween - 7.05am 

Prince Albert - 7.05am 

Rutherford Hotel - 7.05am 

Aloha Lodge - 7.15am 

Richmond Pak N Save - 7.30am 

Local Van 

Old Macs Marahau - 7.15am 

The Barn Marahau - 7.15am 

Marahau Store – 7.20am 

Kaiteriteri Lodge - 7.30am 

Motueka ISite - 7:20am 


1:00pm Bookings - Pickup Times 

Nelson Van 

Nelson iSite - 12pm 

Nelson English Centre - 12pm 

Aloha Lodge - 12.15pm 

Richmond Pak N Save - 12:30pm 

Local Van 

Old Macs Marahau - 12:15pm 

The Barn Marahau - 12:15pm 

Marahau Store - 12:20pm 

Kaiteriteri Lodge - 12:30pm 

Motueka ISite - 12:50pm 


4:00pm Bookings - Pickup Times  

Nelson Van 

Nelson iSite - 3pm 

Nelson English Centre - 3pm 

Aloha Lodge - 3.15pm 

Richmond Pak N Save - 3:30pm 

Local Van 

Old Macs Marahau - 3:15pm 

The Barn Marahau - 3:15pm 

Marahau Store - 3:20pm 

Kaiteriteri Lodge - 3:30pm 

Motueka ISite - 3:50pm